Ausfailure Lose The Unloseable

You’d think the dumb ocker fatheads would have learned something by now wouldn’t you?

Just when you thought they couldn’t slip further down the slippery slope along comes some utter flipping drongo and adds another bucket of grease to the trip.

When Lockyer got his head kicked in by a team mate and ended his career with facial surgery the Broncoes one man team season was over, thus giving Manly a walk in to the grand final. All serial salary cap cheats Melbourne had to do was see off the woeful Warriors. Then Melbourne proved they weren’t up to competing on a level playing field and they got bundled out of the race by a team that was used to playing within the rules and isn’t owned by a phone hacking company. Maybe a hack phone company.

So the Grand Final looms and it’s Warriors versus Manly.

And what does the Aussie do? He steals the Warriors and claims them as Aussies.

As we all know, Ausfailure can’t win much at the moment. They’ve had their arses kicked in the league by the Kiwis for the best part of the last decade, Rugby League is so  weak in Aus that Queensland walk in to State of Origin series wins with gay abandon. In Rugby Samoa beat them. In Soccer Japan beat them. The only world prize they can claim is the World Championship for Infecting Koalas with Chlamydia.

Once Ausfailure claimed the Warriors as The Sydney Warriors the result was certain. They had to lose.

Meanwhile the Kiwis in the Manly team celebrated yet another Kiwi arse kicking of the loser nation.

Steve Matai was close to man of the match were it not for the fact that he is a Kiwi. Fellow Kiwi and Manly five-eighth Kieran Foran also enjoyed playing in a game that broke Ausfailure’s hearts.

“I missed out on the Leeds rout, the World Cup hammering and the Four Nations arse kicking as well so this really gives me an idea of what it’s like to take the Aussies down. It’s great” he said.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key also joined the band wagon late and was not able to exploit the Warriors win to help win the next election.

“I like to keep politics out of sport” Key said from his Rugby World Cup office.

Meanwhile Queenslanders who cheered for the Warriors were today still whinging about the ref.


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