That Sinking Feeling

While it’s very true that the past 10 years have been just awful for Ausfailure it’s not like they’re not used to making gallahs of themselves in front of millions of people.

Thank God For New Zealand!

New Zealand Flys Region's Flag While Aussies Sit On Arse And Do Nothing, Again

While Ausfailure lingers at the bottom of the no-hoper barrel and embarrasses itself on the World Stage on a daily basis sports fans from this part of the World can get down on their knees and thank God for

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Is Ausfailure A Toilet?

What to do with Wee Willy and his Peers

With so many famous Aussies being snapped whipping out their little willys and taking a leak any old place the question needs to be ask as the whether or not Ausfailure is in fact a dunny.

Wee Willy Mason got his hands wet whilst

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Aussie Youngsters Join Choker Ranks

No joking, It’s choking

More bad news for Ausfailure’s long suffering sports fans today as news comes in of the Ausfailure Schoolboys suffered a heartbreaking 30-28 loss in the dying stages of their tour match against England Under 18 at Sale Rugby Club on Sunday.

Hot on the heals of the Wallabies humiliating

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Ausfailure loses to Scotland for first time since 1982

Wallabies Captain Rocky Elsom Says Team Is Not Full Of Meatheads

While the world laughs uncontrollably at the growing list of Ausfailure’s sporting disasters teams that usually struggle to beat the Ockers are lining up to thrash the daylights out of them.

Take their Two Time Rugby World Cup winning team. The Wallabies

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Ausfailure A Magnet For Dumbo’s

Another Kiwi Dumbo Crosses The Ditch

Ausfailure’s reputation as a haven for losers and dropouts has been confirmed by a recent census analysis.

Wellington demographer James Newell found that figures proved that Kiwis who left New Zealand for Ausfailure were more likely to be unskilled.

The good news for New Zealand is that

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