Ausfailure Announce New National Anthem

Following the humiliating loss to Italy in the World Cup Ausfailure has announced the new national anthem, with music stolen from David Bowie’s Heroes song


I, Italians sing While we, we are whinging With nothing on the scoreboard We can’t beat them, can’t beat no one at all We can score zero, every day

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SHOCK: Aussie World Champs At Something

Robots fight for the ball during a match of the four-legged league at the RoboCup 2006 in Bremen June 17, 2006. As one Australian football team was facing up to defeat in Germany overnight, another was celebrating after claiming a world championship.

The University of Newcastle’s NUBots beat off strong competition from around the world

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“We Wuz Robbed” Whingefest Continues

True to the long standing traditions of whinging when you are too crap to win born again Soccer thugs from Ausfailure are queuing up to have a crack at any ref who doesn’t have sufficient affect on the game to hand them an easy win.

The latest whinge has come about after Ausfailure once more

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Ausfailure Whinge Again

As Ausfailure struggles to come to terms with the fact that they are pretty much crap at everything these days Aussies are leading the charge in blaming everyone but themselves for their crap performances. Even those who have buggered off from Loser Central to hide from the humiliating defeats still find their natural talent for

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