Ausfailure’s Soft Spot For Crime Denied

Intelligent people watching as Ausfailure parades it’s world famous criminals all over the TV as rugby league stars can be excused for wondering if they are watching a street gang celebrate it’s crimes.

When the NR-Hell awarded Andrew Johns the title of World’s Greatest Player some wondered if they wanted other players to assimilate Johns deeds which included boasting about using banned drugs and avoiding detection for a decide.

When former handy player, now Brisbane Assistance Coach Alfie Lager go so drunk following a record loss to the New Zealand Warriors that he stripped to his underwear and then drove home drunk and remained on as Asst. Coach many wondered if the NR-Hell was trying to encourage Ausfailure’s other losers to get pissed and drive their car home and risk killing innocent people in the process.

Rugby League Bad Boy and serial drink driver Todd Carney was recently welcomed back into the playing ranks after his 3rd DUI seeming to confirm that drinking and driving is the preferred method of transportation for rugby league criminals in Ausfailure.

One only has to mention the name Greg Inglis to imagine scenes of a 130Kg monster bashing the living sh!t out of his 60Kg piece of fluff after Inglis pleaded guilty to assault last year ending a shameful period of denial during which he represented his club, his state (Queensland of course) and his country, Ausfailure.

One wonders if the reason that no sheila complained about getting gang raped by an Aussie rugby league club this summer was because it didn’t happen or not. One thing is for sure, women who do complain about gang rape after gang rape are immediately portrayed as sluts gagging for it  and it often comes down the the word of one single woman and the large pack of gentlemen soaking in each others bodily fluids who enjoy having sex together as if it was a normal part of everyday life in the former penile colony.

For all we know, it could be.

So what are the police doing?

Well, if the WA pigs are anything to go by they’re far too busy covering up their own criminal behavior to tackle the nasty types we see in green and yellow jumpers.

Police corruption is so widespread in Ausfailure that they even have their own watchdog to check on which cops are bad and which are worse called The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) which amongst other duties, tries hard to prevent the coppers giving millions of taxpayers money to bad cops.

In NSW  the Police Integrity Commission tries hard to keep the Ocker cops from looking too tardy, but have one heckuva job.

Their recent tactics include gagging the media which was so successful in communist Russia for decades.

But like France’s bold gendarmes the Ocker walloper knows his target and spares no mercy in bringing the full weight of the crooked legal system down on… handicapped people for example.

“We run them in, we run the in, we run them in, we run them in” said a quartet of stupid ocker pigs.

West Australian Equal Opportunity Commissioner Yvonne Henderson has urged swift action in the case of an intellectually disabled man who has been imprisoned for 10 years without conviction.

Good luck with that Yvonne, but my tip is you’d be better off trying to get a guilty man set free than vice versa, this is Ausfailure after all.

Just ask Lindy Chamberlain.

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