Eat A Koala? Yeah Right


Car stickers suggesting people should eat koalas have outraged environmental groups, the RSPCA and politicians in Brisbane.

The stickers feature a black knife and fork crossing over the top of the Redland City Council’s colourful koala logo with the words Save The Redlands … Eat a Koala.

The stickers and slogan sparked debate on Fairfax Radio 4BC, prompting state MP for Cleveland Mark Robinson to phone in and condemn them.

“I talked about the importance of koalas to our area and that they are in decline and we need to look for ways to mitigate the human impact on them,” Mr Robinson said.

“We need to find better ways for koalas and humans to coexist in the Redlands without stopping development and growth.”

Sticker designer and businessman Graham Parker said he designed the tongue-in-cheek slogan to make Redland City Council take notice of the “dying breeds of businesses” in the area, south-east of Brisbane.

“The stickers I have been making are a protest against the council’s single focus on koalas and lack of interest in protecting businesses,” Mr Parker said.

“The eat-a-koala stickers are not meant to encourage people to eat the furry little critters, they are just highlighting the other extreme and opposite point of view to the council’s.

Koala’s are currently highly infested with chlamydia and are not recommended for eating.

Experts have long asked Aussies to stop rooting the little creatures but the calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Late last year Kangalose test player Joel Monaghan was premeturely ejected from his NR-Hell contract after photographs of him engaging in a sex act with a dog became public.

Witnesses insisted the sex was consensual.

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