More Silvers Headed Ausfailure’s Way

More silver medals for being not quite good enough are certain to be going to Ausfailure with the announcement that Rugby League will be coming to the Commonwealth Games soon.

When it comes to rugby league, like most sports, Ausfailure are currently runners up to New Zealand, a small sparsely populated island somewhere in the Pacific.

News story follows…

Rugby League’s success as a growing international sport has been recognised by the Commonwealth Games Federation at their meeting in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

The Federation today gave its unanimous support to an application for Rugby League to become a Category Three sport, an important step which will enable the sport to continue to expand and develop across the globe.

The application was presented to the Sports Review Committee of the Commonwealth Games Federation by a delegation from the Rugby League International Federation led by David Gent, Chairman of the RLIF’s Commonwealth Commission.

“This is an exciting day for Rugby League and I would like to place on record my thanks to the Commonwealth Games Federation for their support of our application,” said Gent.

“Rugby League has a long tradition of being played in Commonwealth countries and so this recognition by the CGF will ensure that the game continues to prosper in regions such as Europe and Oceania.
“Recognition by the Commonwealth Games Federation will also enable Commonwealth countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Caribbean to develop the game and help the RLIF strengthen competition at a Commonwealth and world level.”

“It will also guarantee New Zealand a Gold medal”, according Oswald P Wrong, a sports analist from Bummee NSW.

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