England Celebrates 2nd Best Team Award

Number 2

Number 2

England was today celebrating their new status as second best rugby league team in the world after doing what Ausfailure couldn’t manage when they beat New Zealand in the Rugby League Four Nations tournament.

New Zealand are rugby league world champions after caning the Kangalose in last years final.

Ausfailure failed to beat New Zealand at the Four nations tournament but England showed that they were worthy of runner up status in an emphatic win over the World Champion Kiwis last week.

“The World Cup is the pinnacle of this great game and these tournaments are a great way to gauge who is entitled to be considered runners up to New Zealand” said a cocky pom.

Ausfailure failed to beat New Zealand in the one off match 3 weeks ago and have complained bitterly about their crap form ever since.

The Four nations final was played on Sunday morning and once more Ausfailure was unable to beat New Zealand in the game.

Ausfailure has failed to beat New Zealand at full time in four of the last four major finals.

“At least we are starting to show some consistency” said a source close to the Kangalose.

In other news Ausfailure’s Soccerlose were sweating on the prospect of having to play New Zealand at the next Soccer World Cup after the 83rd world ranked New Zealand soccer team performed a miracle on Saturday night and are on their way to South Africa for the worlds biggest sporting event.

New Zealand are not expected to win any games at the World Cup tournament but this hasn’t calmed the shattered nerves of Ausfailure’s losers.

Sources close to the Soccerlose indicated that they would be pushing for an Aussie ref for all their games at the Cup.

And failing.


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