Apple Growers Big Whinge Becomes Big Wank

Big Whinge Becomes Big Wank

Apple Growers Face Stiff Competition


Aussies apple growers have not taken being told that their illegal import restrictions against high quality New Zealand apples lying down.

After locals banded together to apply for funding to repaint the Granite Belt’s iconic Big Apple they settled on a new white apple with a red sign.

A prominent apple growers shadow can be seen in the photo and some suggest he is about to masturbate.

“Pull the other one” he said as he spat on his hand.

New Zealand apples were originally banned to prevent disease but it was found that this argument was typical Aussie bullsh!t.

Aussie’s are world famous for lying, cheating and general dishonesty along with underarm bowling and being drunk all the time.

“That’s not completely true” lied Samuel Brokebackmountain, an arse bandit Ocker liar from Bummee NSW. “We are also famous for losing at sport a lot” he said before chundering and filling his pants whilst trying to order another jug.

New Zealand apple growers were not concerned by the Big Apple sign calling for another illegal ban.

“The ban was illegal and these people are wanting to break the law, that’s typical of Aussies” said Fred Delicious from Henderson New Zealand.

New Zealand apples now out sell the inferior Aussie varieties by 200 to 1.

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