Aussies Celebrate Another Humiliating Loss

Sporting Failure Capital of the World Ausfailure has once more lowered the bar on how embarrassing it’s successive sporting humiliations can go with a predictable loss to Samoa.

Sources from Samoa say they were not surprised to have knocked off the Super 14 champions. “Yeah pro, we won, but when you look at it, we was only playing Ausfailure pro so you can expect to beat them easily, no what I’m sayin?’ said Felisi Fafaini, a fan from Nukaloser.

The sad quip in rugby circles following the Wallabies’ loss is that the late Bob Templeton can now truly rest in peace.

Although fondly remembered as a towering, influential figure in the game, Templeton never quite forgave himself for having coached the Wallabies to their worst defeat, the humiliating 11-16 loss to Tonga at Ballymore in 1973. But arguably he has now been relieved of that burden posthumously, with the unhappy distinction passing instead to Robbie Deans after the Samoans overpowered and overran his Australian side 32-23 at ANZ Stadium.

Grading sporting disasters is an inexact science at the best of times and, by very definition, a no-win exercise but at least Templeton and his players were all amateurs, somehow squeezing Test rugby into their busy working lives.

The Wallabies of today and their head coach can take refuge in no such excuse. They are all highly paid professionals yet somehow they badly fumbled the ball in the match that was expected to provide the drumbeat for the Wallabies’ triumphant march on this year’s World Cup in New Zealand, who hold the rugby league world championship tgrophy after humiliating Ausfailure in the game for the last decade.

An Aussie won the Tour De France though. The tour has been rocked in recent years by rumors of drug cheating.

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