Ausfailure’s Olympic Meltdown Continues

Source New Zealand Herald gives up a roundup of just how badly the former penile colony is taking the current wave of failure at the London Olympics.

Australia’s Olympic chiefs could do well to think about issuing Kevlar vests to their team.

With unexpected failures in the Games’ opening days, the media flak is already

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Eat A Koala? Yeah Right


Car stickers suggesting people should eat koalas have outraged environmental groups, the RSPCA and politicians in Brisbane.

The stickers feature a black knife and fork crossing over the top of the Redland City Council’s colourful koala logo with the words Save The Redlands … Eat a Koala.

The stickers and

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Sydney man critically ill after eating slug


A Sydney man is critically ill after eating a slug as a dare, leading authorities to issue health warnings on devouring raw gastropods.

The man, 21, is in a critical condition in hospital after contracting a rare form of meningitis called Angiostrongylus or rat lung worm after eating the slug.

NSW Health says

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Is Ausfailure A Toilet?

What to do with Wee Willy and his Peers

With so many famous Aussies being snapped whipping out their little willys and taking a leak any old place the question needs to be ask as the whether or not Ausfailure is in fact a dunny.

Wee Willy Mason got his hands wet whilst

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Down-Under Losers Blunder and Chunder

Updated 16-08-2008 17:45

Aussie men are well known for going out on the turps and chundering their guts up after a couple of shandy’s but rarely do they perform this feat on the world stage.

Today in Beijing ocker boofhead Jared Tallent changed all that by upchucking his guts after losing the men’s 20km

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